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eBay Misspellings

ebay Misspellings Story

Wow, you will not believe this! A very close friend of mine who actually reads my blog made a big mistake. What type of common error did she make? While writing her e bay ad she had the misfortune of including two e bay misspellings. One of the typographical errors occurred in e bay’s description section of her listing. That typo was wrong, but insignificant and had no ill effects other than a little embarrassment for my friend. No sweat right? I mean we all make these spelling mistakes, this writer included. Her excuse was that she rushed to “publish” the post. Even though she looked it over a second time, it appeared to be okay.

The problem, and where she should have taken a note from my book happened with her other typo. That misspelling happened when typing the name of her ebay item in ebay’s title section.

In the past, I’ve written on this from the angle of the buyers who can capitalize on this. They in affect find the hidden Easter eggs others can’t find and profit from these ebay misspellings. These e bay buyers get great products at a huge savings by using the ebay search bar with the knowledge of the most probable keywords once human error is included as a factor.

This post, I must say comes from the angle of/ or compassion for my friend due to her disappointing listing. She posted a very popular product and expected lots of bidder eyes to see her listing. That didn’t happen, but the ebayer who found it got a great deal. In my friend’s words…”at least your readers will get a loud reminder of what not to do”.

With that I say, I wish the best for you all with your online sales activities. More profits and savings for years to come.

To List or Not to List – Ebay Motors

eBay is one of the top places in the United States where men and women purchase used automobiles.
not only EBay motors is a great place to sell your car in a record time, but it’s also really easy to use, all it takes to be successful is some careful planning and a little know-how and you will be selling that vehicle in no time.

#1 Who Should Sell on EBay Motors
anybody who wants to sell their vehicle Fast. Let’s face it unless you have a classic car, or a rare limited edition, or a highly collectable car, you are not going to make much more than what a dealer will offer you since most people who go to eBay shop for good Deals.

#2 Know How Much Your Vehicle Is Worth.

  • start by going to KBB .com and Edmunds .com to estimate how much your car is value.
  • take it to a dealership that buy used cars. Right about now you asking yourself Why? isn’t the whole purpose of eBay to avoid dealing with a dealerhips, but before you read any further let me explain to you, that eventhough KBB and Edmunds can be a great asset to find the value of your car, most of the times this websites are not accurate do to human error, yes people tend to be emotionally connected to their auto when it comes to selling them, as a result 7 out of 10 people will Describe their cars to be in good condition when in reality they might not. Having a dealer looking at your car and making you an offer might help you see what you really have.

    once you take your car to a dealer(s) and they make you an offer, be sure to be polite even if the offer is really low, and  just tell them you have to think about it.

#3 More Research
Now that you know how much cash you can get for your car or truck, look for similar vehicles on eBay, search for the same model, year, condition, and about the same milage, this will help you predict what people be willing to pay for your car.

#4 To List or Not to List that is the Question
Now that you Know how much money you can  get from either eBay or a dealer is time to really start thinking about your next step, this is a none brainer if you  diligently did your research, in any case here are some sugestions; if you know you can make $300  or more over your dealer offer, go right ahead and list your car on eBay, if less than $300, I will recommend not listing your car or truck, or you might be losing money, If this is your case I recomend you call your dealer(s) and sell them  your vehicle.

#5 Best way to list a vehicle
A Non Reserve Auction in my opinion is by far the best way to list a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, bucket trucks, or used equipment, on eBay a non reserve auction usually gets more activity than a reserve auction, or a listing with a  “buy it Now” price.

#6 Listing Instruction

  • get lots of good pictures ( avoid using your cell phone camera)
  • List your vehicle as a non reserve auction
  • set starting price $500 less than what your dealer offer you. ( this is a great starting point and will help you get lots of activity)
  • mention NO RESERVE on title
  • have your automobile information at hand
  • write a short but detailed description of your vehicle (remember honesty is highly rewarded on eBay)
  • save some money on listing fees by not selecting all the extras bold text, highlight box, icons, etc.
  • ad a disclaimer to protect your self

#7 Disclaimers
if you have notice most car dealers have a disclaimer on the bottom of the page and you should too.
this disclaimers can save you from many problems.

a)This car is listed in other advertizing site outside eBay, owner hold the right to end the auction at any time.
this way if the auction stall at a low price or if someone makes you a good offer you can end the auction at any time.
b) this car is sold as it is and where it is and there is no warranty implied.
c) Price of this vehicle does not include, Tax, Title or any other fees, buyer is responsible for the transportation cost.

after you are done with all this Preview your item listing. If everything is correct, click “List Your Item.”

#8 Don’t get Scam
just remember if it sound to good to be truth it is a scam. always use ebay and paypal to avoid getting scam.

ok well that’s all I have, and  I hope this tips will helps you sell your car or truck.


How to sell your car on eBay?

Individuals promote their vehicles for many reasons. Whatever the purpose for promoting second hand automobiles, many are concerned about the best places the place to promote them. Promoting a second hand automotive online has been some of the widespread methods as a result of many find that process simple, quick and convenient. For each vendor, the primary concern is to get the very best value for the car. Under are some ideas that it’s essential to contemplate in promoting your car on eBay motors or different car auction site.

1. Know and resolve on the price range you’re keen to sell it. Earlier than lastly posting your automotive on eBay or some other automobile auction site, you need to have an idea of how a lot you’re prepared to take. Determine on a beginning price that is truthful for you and the potential buyers or bidders.

2. Analysis available on the market worth and the common prices. Have a look at different vehicles on the market or bid on eBay motors or any automotive public sale site. This provides you with an thought of how a lot you may be setting so you’ll be able to sell your automobile the quickest way at an ideal price.

3. Inform the bidders or buyers about all the necessary information. Inform them of the automotive’s mileage, its specs, the problems, its special qualities, and even owner history. It builds buyer confidence and likewise makes your automobile’s value go up.

4. Be open to questions and automotive visits. Those who want to purchase or bid critically normally wish to see the precise car. Be open to their questions, reply actually and even entertain car viewers.

You can try selling your car on other auction sites as well, or create your own website if you are planning to trade cars. A good place to start with your own car auction website is web hosting reviews.

The Skill Involving Winning Penny Auctions Just Like The Pros

Most everyone may have a lot of fun when they get out there and pay a visit to auction web-sites. However, the purpose of saving a lot of cash when obtaining choice products, requires plenty of strategy. Winning penny auctions is an uncomplicated task if new bidders to these websites will keep some ideas in mind.

Learning the ability of patience, isn’t a undertaking that is simple for all. Mastering the characteristic associated with developing a high degree of patience is a must for individuals which wish to receive superb items at drasticaly reduced prices. When they are drawn on the exciting actions plus excitement that is involved in the bidding process, quite a few individuals discover that they must continuously stay aimed at staying able to be focused. Once acquired, this is a trait that can be extremely beneficial for visitors which turn out to be professionals at winning penny auctions. Most buyers understand exactly how necessary it truly is to stay away from becoming way too caught up into the moment, instead of paying adequate focus to crucial parts of the actual auction.

One of the biggest and most overlooked components a large amount of men and women ignore, is usually establishing as well as sticking with a limitation on the spending plan. When buyers target on outbidding other people, they are often grabbed offguard from the excitement and they also find themselves spending way over their specific spending plan limitation in which they originally established. For this particular purpose, it is very important to set realistic spending plan restrictions you can follow, whenever winning penny auctions is the objective.

Just like all kinds of other popular trends, the quantity of these types of auction internet sites is definitely expanding bigger all the time. Successfully being in a position to attract new bidders is often the main goal in mind for a large amount of these types of auction web-sites. This generally is a large advantage to brand-new visitors on these types of auction web-sites, because there’s normally not a very high degree of opposing competition to contend with. There are quite a few buyers which often acquire fantastic bonus deals on these types of brand-new web-sites also. One popular advantage on brand-new auction internet sites is many people obtain a greater chance of finding merchandise at retail costs which have been drastically reduced.

It may become confusing in a short time if a person actually tries to bid on several different auction merchandise all at once. Winning penny auctions is definitely less difficult whenever a bidder only works with one particular auction during an auction. People that happen to be brand-new to the idea of being in a position to acquire a number of merchandise at costs that happen to be rare anywhere else, will want to pay specific awareness to this word of advice.

Take some time for making observations. There are many goods which can be found on these types of auction internet sites that provide even larger savings than buyers predicted. This usually comes about with various items that have a lower desire level, producing a remarkable savings for the bidder.

Dropshipping Wholesalers – Excellent Method To Obtain Exceptional Items In Order To Save Or If You Want To Make Profit

There can be other ways of generating income online and also one of the popular methods that’s available currently employing drop shipping wholesalers firms. In case you are looking for drop shipping wholesalers, here is little insight that helps you to employ this method:

What’s Dropshipping?

Dropshipping lets you sell goods either your website or at other sites like Yahoo, eBay or ebid devoid of maintaining actual listing for them since the dropshipping company is going to do the work on your behalf. This is the complete framework of the way drop shipping operates:

Do you know the benefits of drop shipping wholesalers?

•You do not need to take care of the stock

•You don’t even have to invest in the merchandise before you sell online

•You really don’t really need a way to sell products

•Wholesale Suppliers will deliver directly to your consumer with proper packaging, which means you really don’t need to bother about shipment and packaging

•No minimum or maximal orders needed

•Earning prospective is limitless

•Do the job in the time which fit you

How much money do I require to start off this business?

It actually involves as little as $50 to begin the drop shipping business. Very first prerequisite would be to select a organization which could manage all transport and handling of the products. Next is to create your account at eBay and list handful of items at start at your auction site. Apart from that you won’t need virtually any preliminary investment to begin with.

Let us discuss the two companies that provide best drop shipping wholesalers service (I did use Wholesale-portal.com however it’s actually your own preference what firm you join)


Rank: 1 (Our Top Pick)

Price: $37.97 Money back guarantee: Yes ! – 16 Days Cash back guarantee

Wholesale Products: Over 1,500,000 Products to pick from

Appropriate for: Individuals who want to start their own drop ship eBay business

Bonus Bundled: Yes as many as 10 signup bonuses which includes your own Free Website (150 preloaded goods priced with 10-200% margin) containing as much goods that suits you off their store. Listed below are few significant bonuses that you get

1.No cost website Free setup – Free Domain name

2.Entry to top dropshippers wholesale listing

3.2 well written Auction Ebooks that’s essential to your success

4.Best 10 eBay trading strategies with training manual

5.3 top Wholesale Ebooks

6.200 Best UK dropshippers e-book

7.4 Super eBay Software downloads completely free of charge

8.Listing of genuine Get Paid to do surveys companies

9.List of get paid to read emails company

Join wholesale-Portal, since right now they’re offering the membership for just $37.97 which is normally amount to $99.95.

Dropshipping Wholesalers.com

Rank: 2 (Our 2nd Best Pick)

Cost: $47.00 for Basic and $167 for Platinum Plan (Which includes a turnkey, professionally developed website)

Assurance: Of course – 56 Days Cash back guarantee

Wholesale Goods:

More than 500,000 Products to choose from

Recommended For: People who wish to start their own drop ship eBay business

Bonus Bundled: Sure 3 bonus deals

1.Access to over 500 true wholesale suppliers/drop shippers

2.$250 in totally free marketing ebook and also tools

3.10 Day detailed drop ship action plan manual

Join DropShippingWholesalers by only paying $47 for basic membership and $167 for Advanced membership along with a fully programmed and professionally developed eCommerce website.

At Earn-Money-On-Ebay.com, you will learn all about wholesale sources, how to make money buying and selling on ebay, and ebay home based business.