eBay Misspellings

ebay Misspellings Story

Wow, you will not believe this! A very close friend of mine who actually reads my blog made a big mistake. What type of common error did she make? While writing her e bay ad she had the misfortune of including two e bay misspellings. One of the typographical errors occurred in e bay’s description section of her listing. That typo was wrong, but insignificant and had no ill effects other than a little embarrassment for my friend. No sweat right? I mean we all make these spelling mistakes, this writer included. Her excuse was that she rushed to “publish” the post. Even though she looked it over a second time, it appeared to be okay.

The problem, and where she should have taken a note from my book happened with her other typo. That misspelling happened when typing the name of her ebay item in ebay’s title section.

In the past, I’ve written on this from the angle of the buyers who can capitalize on this. They in affect find the hidden Easter eggs others can’t find and profit from these ebay misspellings. These e bay buyers get great products at a huge savings by using the ebay search bar with the knowledge of the most probable keywords once human error is included as a factor.

This post, I must say comes from the angle of/ or compassion for my friend due to her disappointing listing. She posted a very popular product and expected lots of bidder eyes to see her listing. That didn’t happen, but the ebayer who found it got a great deal. In my friend’s words…”at least your readers will get a loud reminder of what not to do”.

With that I say, I wish the best for you all with your online sales activities. More profits and savings for years to come.

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