To List or Not to List – Ebay Motors

eBay is one of the top places in the United States where men and women purchase used automobiles.
not only EBay motors is a great place to sell your car in a record time, but it’s also really easy to use, all it takes to be successful is some careful planning and a little know-how and you will be selling that vehicle in no time.

#1 Who Should Sell on EBay Motors
anybody who wants to sell their vehicle Fast. Let’s face it unless you have a classic car, or a rare limited edition, or a highly collectable car, you are not going to make much more than what a dealer will offer you since most people who go to eBay shop for good Deals.

#2 Know How Much Your Vehicle Is Worth.

  • start by going to KBB .com and Edmunds .com to estimate how much your car is value.
  • take it to a dealership that buy used cars. Right about now you asking yourself Why? isn’t the whole purpose of eBay to avoid dealing with a dealerhips, but before you read any further let me explain to you, that eventhough KBB and Edmunds can be a great asset to find the value of your car, most of the times this websites are not accurate do to human error, yes people tend to be emotionally connected to their auto when it comes to selling them, as a result 7 out of 10 people will Describe their cars to be in good condition when in reality they might not. Having a dealer looking at your car and making you an offer might help you see what you really have.

    once you take your car to a dealer(s) and they make you an offer, be sure to be polite even if the offer is really low, and  just tell them you have to think about it.

#3 More Research
Now that you know how much cash you can get for your car or truck, look for similar vehicles on eBay, search for the same model, year, condition, and about the same milage, this will help you predict what people be willing to pay for your car.

#4 To List or Not to List that is the Question
Now that you Know how much money you can  get from either eBay or a dealer is time to really start thinking about your next step, this is a none brainer if you  diligently did your research, in any case here are some sugestions; if you know you can make $300  or more over your dealer offer, go right ahead and list your car on eBay, if less than $300, I will recommend not listing your car or truck, or you might be losing money, If this is your case I recomend you call your dealer(s) and sell them  your vehicle.

#5 Best way to list a vehicle
A Non Reserve Auction in my opinion is by far the best way to list a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, bucket trucks, or used equipment, on eBay a non reserve auction usually gets more activity than a reserve auction, or a listing with a  “buy it Now” price.

#6 Listing Instruction

  • get lots of good pictures ( avoid using your cell phone camera)
  • List your vehicle as a non reserve auction
  • set starting price $500 less than what your dealer offer you. ( this is a great starting point and will help you get lots of activity)
  • mention NO RESERVE on title
  • have your automobile information at hand
  • write a short but detailed description of your vehicle (remember honesty is highly rewarded on eBay)
  • save some money on listing fees by not selecting all the extras bold text, highlight box, icons, etc.
  • ad a disclaimer to protect your self

#7 Disclaimers
if you have notice most car dealers have a disclaimer on the bottom of the page and you should too.
this disclaimers can save you from many problems.

a)This car is listed in other advertizing site outside eBay, owner hold the right to end the auction at any time.
this way if the auction stall at a low price or if someone makes you a good offer you can end the auction at any time.
b) this car is sold as it is and where it is and there is no warranty implied.
c) Price of this vehicle does not include, Tax, Title or any other fees, buyer is responsible for the transportation cost.

after you are done with all this Preview your item listing. If everything is correct, click “List Your Item.”

#8 Don’t get Scam
just remember if it sound to good to be truth it is a scam. always use ebay and paypal to avoid getting scam.

ok well that’s all I have, and  I hope this tips will helps you sell your car or truck.


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