Make Money Online With Ebay

When It comes down to making your first money online, I’ve seen that goal most easily achieved by newbies with online auctions. To be a
little more exact EBAY has been their vehicle to success. Why is this true? If you were to look at Ebay as software, you would have to say it is very user friendly. Yes I know it is a website, but it is also an online e-commerce shopping cart. An auto-responder and a mega-shopping mall of traffic.

This traffic isn’t the usual browsing or tire-kicking traffic that run through the search engines for fun and sight seeing. The Ebay traffic, that has been
“pre-built” for you as the newbie business owner, is mostly card carrying buyers. Think of the money, time, and guerrilla advertising you’d have to do.  Starting from
scratch  without Ebay,  how feasible is it for most to build a frenzy around their new products and website?

That is the huge difference between you and the mostly soon-to-fail newbies who start by going into the hi-tech parts of the web to find
their first dollar online.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on traffic. Don’t spend the next few years becoming an effective webmaster. Don’t wait months just to see your first sale
find its way to your site. Go into your attic, to a local yard sale, or find a more long term wholesale Ebay product source.

Here’s the best part, this gets you your first online profit by weeks end.

Wilson Murray is an online marketer and article writer.

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