Make a Website and Get it Visited

So you’ve gotten your very own website up and running. As usability expert Jakob Nielsen once said: if your site doesn’t show up on the first page of an online search you might as well not exist. Here’s a friendly introduction to the world of search engine optimization (SEO). This is the art of providing search engines with hints about your site’s offerings, so that you can get your site closer to the top of search results. The good news is, most of these strategies are extremely powerful ways to build massive amounts of traffic toward your website, without you paying a cent. The bad news is, SEO can be confusing to people who don’t consider themselves tech savvy. Even if you’re using a website builder to make a site that saves you from having to bother with code, SEO is still a crucial part of your site’s success. This article is simple enough for beginners who wish to take the success of their website into their own hands. Selecting Keywords} Keyword Selection These are the words or phrases that people type into the little search window inside search engines. Think about what words or terms describe your, your website or your business, that users are likely to use in searches. Your keywords can include your geographical location. There are many online tools to assist with selecting the best keywords for your site, that are popular and relevant. Google Keywords is free and user-friendly, while WordTracker’s paid service can be useful for large companies with huge websites. Keyword-Rich Title Tags There are a few important places to put your keywords, once you’ve decided what those words are. The most important of which is the title of your web pages. This is the text that shows up in search results when your page is found, and is also what visitors see on the top of their browsers while inside your site. Each page should have a unique <TITLE> tag that uses keywords to describe your site and what is found on that particular page. Don’t leave your pages with boring titles like “Home Page”. The title tags are the words that will cause users to click on your site as opposed to others, when it comes up in a search. So make it clear, descriptive and enticing. Eliminate filler words like “the” and “in” as much as possible, while keeping the title readable. Building Keywords into Your Description Tags Each page in your website should have its own unique description tag. This is the little blurb of text that shows upunder each site’s title in a search result. This text is important both for users, and for search engines. Each page of your site should have a unique description, consisting of one or two sentences that describe the content of the webpage with two or three keywords. Descriptions should contain no more than 155 characters including spaces. Anything longer won’t show up in Google searches to users. Good descriptions include a “call to action”. People love instructions, and being told what to do.So tell internet searchers to visit, learn, set up, enhance, build, or enjoy your services, by commanding outright in your description. If you’re using a free website builder, locate your site settings for a place to enter in this information. Don’t skimp out on the opportunity just because you’re not into coding. Place Keywords in Header Text Headers, or the <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, etc. tags in your web page, are another important place to plant some keywords.Human visitors use headers to quickly learn what a section of text is about on a page Take advantage of this opportunity to get a few appropriately-placed keywords seen by search engine crawlers. The closer your keywords are to the beginning of your header text, the more important they are considered by search engines. Keywords in your Content Even if you put keywords in your title, description and header tags, if those same keywords do not appear in the actual content of that page, they won’t count since they won’t appear to be relevant. Add your keywords organically into your site’s content, without making it obvious. This shouldn’t be too difficult, if you’ve chosen keywords that are relevant to your website, but a level of finesse is still required. Exercise caution. Do not stuff keywords into your content. This will not only piss off visitors, but it could cause your site to be marked as spam by search engine crawlers who encounter the same words over and over again. Your keywords should make up no more than 5-7% of your site’s content. On-Page Hyperlinks Help users and search engines navigate your site, with clickable links pointing to your site’s inner pages throughout your site, that describe what each page’s content is about. For example, if you have multiple pages in your site, make sure each one links back to your main page and use anchor text with keywords, instead of the generic “home”. Make your links easy to spot, so that users can tell the difference between your links and the regular text on your site. Keep the anchor text short but descriptive, with just a few words or a keyword phrase. Make it easier for users and search engines to crawl your site, by making your internal links helpful for site navigation. Don’t dump links all over your page in an attempt to trick search engines – this is easily caught and recognized as spam. Keep it classy, with helpful internal links that users and search engines can use to learn about your website or company. Building Backlinks Having links pointing at your site, from other pages on the web is one of the best ways to make a website appear in search engine resultsOne of the most powerful ways to make a website that search engine robots love to crawl, is to have links that point at your website from other places on the internet. Links that contain your keywords are even more valuable, but it can be difficult to get someone else to use your keywords when they link to your siteInbound links to your site that use your keywords in their anchor text are like gold for your site’s SEO, but usually you can’t control how someone else refers to your site . It’s more likely that they’ll simply use a link with the name of your site or company. A trick around this is to build keywords into the name of your product or business itself, but if it’s already too late in the gamefor this, there are a few other things you can do. Ask friends and associates who control other sites to include links to your site. Tell these people how you’d like them to link to you, and send the html code the way you want it to look, so they can just copy and paste it in. Submit newsworthy articles to press releases, and include links to your site in the body of the articles. You can also submit your site directly to directories such as DMoz, Yahoo!Directory Submit, and DMoz is the only one out of these that is free for a site to be submitted. Since sites submitted to DMoz are reviewed by human editors, it often takes time to get listed here, but it is worth it to get listed here. Do not hit resubmit though, or you’ll get bumped to the bottom of the line Congrats! You made it through the basic concepts of SEO! Go over the ones you’re unsure of to make sure you have taken advantage of them on your site, and know that building a successful SEO campaign can take time. There are many small things you can do on your own, to improve your user’s experience and your site’s performance in organic search results. For more tips, info and tools check out Google’s Official SEO Starter Guide.So there you have it. These are the most important and basic ways to get your site optimized for search engines. If you’re new to SEO, you might leave feeling a bit confused, but that’s OK – SEO is an entire industry that many companies are only just learning about today. If you are a small business, it’s possible that your competition doesn’t yet know about many of these strategies. So stay ahead of the game with a few smartly planted keywords and hyperlinks. For even more tips and a recap of some of these, check out the Official SEO Starter Guide released by Google.

What to Keep In Mind with Online Car Auctions

Believing in the reality of the awesome deals you will find through the use of online car actions should be enough. These auctions will provide a great service to the individual looking for a car whether it is an individual or government agency selling a car. No matter which way the car gets there you will have an unbelievable opportunity in finding the car of your dreams. You just have to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of online auctions.

First rule in bidding wars is do not exhaust yourself. Don’t chew off more than you can handle. Bid for one item only. This is to save you from the possibility of having to pay for more than one car. Once a bid is placed it is legal. You cannot retract it unless proof is on your side that it was a mistake. Just because cars are least expensive on line does not mean the one you found is to the liking of others.

The ability to purchase cars online is great but not always do you get what you want. It is a risk to buy something you can’t touch. With this said there are always things that you can watch for. There are reports with each car you want to bid on that may not be completely accurate.  Although the car can still be a great value it could be costly in the long run. This is not always the way things are done but you may want a back-up plan. So the more details you can get the more believable it can be.

One should take in to consideration that an online auction might not be local. Although the vehicle may be a great deal, you will have to add costs to get it. After this it may not be worth the bid. So make sure you read the information and pay close attention to where the car is. When placing your bid figure out what you want to spend and put out the costs of getting there to pick it up.

Observe what status the car is in. Look for anything out of the ordinary with the car as best as possible. A car that has a lot of wear and tear may be a good deal now but how long will it last. So look for cars that are in excellent condition. Cars being auctioned by any government entity are in outstanding shape. Because they have low mileage, no accidents and have excellent maintenance schedules. Knowing a cars complete history will be to the benefit of all involved when you win.

Make Money From Ebay

Make Money From Ebay

“Would you like some fries with that?”
In order to make money from ebay we have to take lessons from other successful businesses. Our businesses being small or large, the methods of closing a sale or increasing the amount of traffic through our product funnels stays the same. A small percentage of Mcdonald’s customers who might not have intended to get a combo sized order tend to do so if it is suggested to them during the transaction. Because of one calibrated suggestion, the store’s bottom line is increased.
I was thinking about this concept when the following idea came to me:
Where are the places to super-size our customers in our Ebay stores? Where do we insert suggestions to inspire them to buy more from us either during the present transaction or future visits?
Two quick instances come to mind. The first Ebay has already built into place. The second is ALSO engineered or executed through Ebay’s website, but we have to some how “suggest” it to our customers for it to be used by a higher percentage of them.
The first very obvious and simple tool that is used by all of our customers without any help from us is the quantity button. Don’t laugh. I’m not saying that is my Ebay tip for the day, but it is the first place where the customer decides for themselves, “Hey, this site just sold me a great item at a good price. One is good, but maybe I’ll change the quantity to two so I can give the second one as a gift.” As you can see, always try to have more than one available when you set up an auction, because both getting the buyers visit and closing the sale are the hard parts. Once they have their card out, in that instant if your site has four items available instead of one, your profit could go up by 400%. As internet marketers we may all know that, but a lot of people on Ebay miss this, because they use the site for mini garage sales and always sell things one at a time. Big mistake.
The second concept that came to my mind was, the “Save this seller to favorites” feature on Ebay. As a card carrying member of the blogging community and the community, I know that we always suggest to our visitors to “Please subscribe.” With blogs the RSS Feed tools aid in making that happen because it is very important. Making it easy for visitors to return to your site again and again will help you convert more traffic. To be proactive, Ebay store owners may even consider enclosing a small note when shipping to their buyers. The note can be a reminder to the buyer to save you to their favorite seller list when they are leaving feedback online about your transaction. They all log in and leave feedback for us, but unless we ask them to consider adding us to their favorite sell er list, it may rarely happen. The next time they need that item they will just start a new search and forget about how well you took care of them the last time.
I hope you found this post useful and if so leave a comment saying so, or give us another Ebay tip today. Thanks!

Twitter – A Key Tool for Online Marketers

Twitter is a service that has seen vastly increasing popularity. Pretty much everybody who’s anybody has a twitter account nowadays. Whether you’re a celebrity, a business, or an average teenager just wanting to have some fun, twitter can help you. There are plenty of internet marketers out there who are trying to get into the twitter game so that they can use its wide reach to promote and build their businesses.

Twitter can be used in a lot different ways to help build your business and give you more sales. Now you may be so excited to get started, you may try everything at the same time. Luckily, it doesn’t look like twitter is going to be sinking back into the sea of the internet anytime soon, so you’ll be able to try out promotional techniques on Twitter for a long time to come. Here are a few tips to help you get started in the wide world of twitter.

You can tweet your promotional code to strictly your followers when you create a sale price to promote. This will bring in more sales, and foster that special feeling of exclusivity that customers love. It will also give new people a reason to track your tweets in their own reader feeds.

In this respect, twitter can be like a blog. The big difference remains in the fact that you can only utilize one hundred and forty characters in a single tweet. Another thing that you might do is to permit your Twitter followers to receive special “twitter followers only” discounts which they are able to utilize all the time. That will grow your followers list by leaps and bounds!

You can easily keep tabs on your website visitor data through Twitter. You can test out how responsive your twitter followers are to the links you promote and compare those responses to the responses you get when you blog about a product or use other means of promotions. This comparison will help you see which group responds better to your efforts and which medium is most effective. Then you can tailor your campaigns to the more responsive of your audiences and thus increase your sales. Not only will your sales increase, but your advertising efforts will dramatically diminish, since you no longer need to waste time “selling” to those who will not buy.

Sending out tweets that link to your website or blog is a great way to build traffic to your various projects. If you link your twitter up to your blog, you might be able to increase your ad revenue, especially if your ads are performance based. You can even send people straight to your promotional ads and pages from twitter. Or, turn your Twitter followers into leads by directing them to your landing page where you can capture their email and other information. Linking to your website is also a great strategy for increasing the targeted traffic for your site.

Twitter is an excellent tool to help you to grow your business. Twitter is an effective tool that can be used to increase traffic to your web page or lure new buyers to your newest merchandise. Twitter has been lauded by web entrepreneurs for some time now, and neglecting to benefit from its great potential makes no sense. There is no reason to ignore the ability to speak to a broad audience, at no cost, in a format requiring a mere 140 characters. It is simply faulty entrepreneurial logic to neglect any particular sector. Signing up is free and only takes a second. You’ll gain access to MILLIONS of potential clients, all in LESS than a minute!

Additonal Resouces:

Consumer Wealth System

Affiliate Cash Ultimatum

Halloween Super Affiliate

Obtain Better Search Positions On Bing With YouTube

I read a study a short while ago by Forrester Research (one of the biggest business analyst companies in the world) that a movie in YouTube is fifty x more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google than any other site. This indicates that publishing movies to YouTube is a great approach to get visitors and start creating income on-line. If you’re thinking of producing cash on-line then my home-based business blog will help.

Not only that, nevertheless when you consider that YouTube is the default site for viewing over the internet movies, the default site for big advertising companies to publish their videos to and also the most common site most people add their videos to (could you even name any other movie sites?), you get an understanding of how powerful YouTube can be to deliver traffic to your website.If you need to know about other suggestions to grow traffic to your web site then visit my best home based business blog.

The fantastic element regarding YouTube is you do not need an Avatar like budget to get marketers viewing your videos. All you require is really a web cam as well as something to say. It does help that what you have to say relates to the area you are attempting to focus on though!

One successful strategy I’ve seen is an Search engine marketing company created weekly movies in which they provided a case study on a client and discussed precisely what they had to do to rank the website. The movies are so informative that webmasters feel motivated to talk about them on their sites and also on forums, leading other webmasters interested in Search engine marketing to view the movies.

As a result these five minute videos of just one seo speaking to the web cam are an amazing hit and the SEO organization is taking in loads of new orders because on each movie there’s a watermark showing ther web site address ( if you are interested). You can even go one step more and have an entire scene with your web site URL at the start as well as the end of the video. If you place it at the end along with a way to get in touch with you then a large amount of webmasters will type your URL straight into their browser bar.

On the other hand you can say “Google: your brand for additional information” – assuming your website is number one obviously and there are no negative reviews in the top ten!
You can very well do the very same thing, take a difficulty you’ve witnessed people speak about in your market, study it to find the the right answers and then produce a movie which talks about precisely how marketers can find a remedy to this distinct issue. The outcome will be other websites in your area of interest will publish the videos to their website, and with your url shown in the watermark, 100s, if not thousands of webmasters will type it directly into their internet browser and come to your site.

Slowly Build Your Backlinks

Building Backlinks to a Website Naturally

Every now and then you are bound to listen to folks discuss natural backlinks and how among the best methods to rank high on serps is to amass them. Nonetheless, there’s often scant clarification as to what exactly pure backlinks are – and methods to go about constructing them. A good link building service is what you need.

Mainly each time anybody talks about constructing backlinks naturally, what they actually imply is getting individuals to link to your site by their own volition. Evidently, this feels like an excellent thought seeing as having others hyperlink to your site by themselves without you actually having to go out there and actively put in an effort to source backlinks would save you a whole lot of additional work!

Sadly, that is actually easier mentioned than done.

In order for individuals to want to hyperlink to your web site of their very own volition – they need to have a cause for doing so. In any case, it is absurd to expect people to only link to your website for no motive at all, proper?

As such, you will discover that the majority of websites that have individuals linking to them voluntarily consist of internet sites that have superb content. When an internet site (be it a weblog or static website) has content that’s actually and really of value to others, this content material will then attract others. For instance, if you happen to’re operating an website positioning weblog and you’ve got a consistently updated article detailing the highest article directories on the market – you’ll discover that the article itself attracts others to hyperlink to it as a result of it is a valuable resource.

Such a ‘link bait’ content is what is going to make it easier to to construct backlinks naturally. When you have content material that genuinely impresses people, you could possibly even discover that your visitors socially bookmark that content material, and vote it up gaining you not only a priceless backlinks – but in addition some nice publicity and yet extra traffic in the identical breath!

With the ability to give you this type of content material is essential for those who intend to build backlinks to a web site naturally. While it might look like laborious work – and it is true that it does take a lot more effort than merely mindlessly spinning and submitting articles to article directories, the fact of the matter is that in the long term it’s this type of content material that will be certain that you proceed to achieve backlinks and cement your standing with search engines like google! Programs like Linkvana are good backlink building programs.

Business Opportunities 3 – Money-Spinning eBay Web Auctions for Maximal Success

This content finalises the discussion of online auctions, with distinct emphasis on eBay auctions. eBay is a highly effective money-making resource for promoting any kind of products or services that you need to promote on the internet. Nonetheless, it is unlikely that you’ll be harnessing it to its fullest potential.

Did you know that more of the globe’s internet revenues are available through eBay than through any other website? That’s astounding, yet lots of people in the web marketing community avoid advertising on eBay because they don’t know the right formula to make it gainful.

Below are a few of the sophisticated things you’ll learn from this exhaustive video program:

  1. If you plan to sell a sizable number of merchandise, it is really quite probable that you’ll have to overcome difficulties eventually. This system prepares you for pretty much every type of problem (customer backing out, products and solutions destroyed in shipping, charge-backs, and many more) so that you know how you can deal with these vital concerns every time they arise.
  2. Each of the nitty-gritty details about opening an unpaid-item dispute and the way to get productive results from it. PLUS 6 extremely important tricks for steering clear of unpaid-item disputes in the first place.
  3. The 6 insider secrets of reducing web fraud, plus top 7 fraud resolution tactics. Believe it or not, fraudsters get away with it on the net less than everywhere else. In some ways, the internet makes tracking less demanding than otherwise. But this is simply not to say that you could loosen up entirely. Any fraud problems that you may face will still take a great deal of your energy and time to follow up; so, as it is said, prevention is the greatest remedy.
  4. eBay’s Second-Chance Offer. When you should utilize it and the way to make big money from it.
  5. Formulating the ultimate About-Me page. You will definitely discover ways to add persona to your auction listings and build fantastic personalized lines of communication with your purchasers through a terrific about-me page. You’ll also learn how to drive website visitors to your auctions out of your About-Me page.

It certainly is vital to automate your online business to improve your sales and profits. As your home business expands you’ll reach a point when it gets inefficient to try and do everything by yourself. This is where software becomes totally necessary. eBay Power-sellers all propose that you always hunt for new methods to enhance your business.

With the above guideline at heart, you will find in-depth lessons on how to work with eBay and 3rd party software to turbo-charge your web auction productivity and efficiency:

  1. Monitoring 10 or more merchandise at one time on My eBay becomes terribly chaotic indeed. Large scale listings require the proper application and systems in place to ensure that you aren’t getting hopelessly bewildered. Fortuitously, now there are quite a lot of specially-designed programs to choose from to render your life very much easier. You’ll certainly spot what the best of these are and how to apply them.
  2. Track down step-by-step a way to create professional listings in big amounts, monitor the level of revenue, crank out personalized reports, assign specific start times for each listing or band of listings, manage shopper communication, and a lot more.
  3. Unearth ways to set up the ‘look’ of your listings, with ready-made backgrounds, using low-cost 3rd party software. A simple spreadsheet-based interface lets you focus on volume and running your enterprise with integrated solutions such as UPS, QuickBooks, and endicia.
  4. How to make easier the full end-of-auction process by seeking payments the moment the auction is finished. This easy-to-use software is directly integrated with eBay’s Pay Now button and makes it possible for purchasers to trace their order status and delivery.
  5. Would like to manage your potential customers competently? You’ll find computer software that helps you organize and take care of your potential consumers with no trouble. You are able to establish custom email lists and manage your mailing lists – this is certainly required if you wish to make the best use of repeat sales and profits
  6. You are going to find out about proven methods to utilise powerful reporting computer-software (very affordable) that helps you track your financial performance, dissect shopper behavior, deal with your costs, and know which marketplace is functioning perfect for you.
  7. You’re going to observe how one can take advantage of another awesome program that allows you to make your listings stand out, supply superior customer care, discover very easily what stuff sell best and which stuff are more lucrative. It’s also possible to very easily establish listings, manage your entire product sourcing activities, plus much more.

And there’s more:

  1. eBay reports that traders enhance their revenue by 25% within the first 3 months of opening a store. That is definitely a fact, but that is only the average. The most effective traders improve their sales by 200% or over. You will discover precisely how.
  2. A way to develop into a trading assistant. You’ve discovered a great deal in regards to eBay so far. You’ve opened up a retail store, or are near to it. You are selling stuff on a regular basis: if it hasn’t turn into a full-time job, it will before long. At this instant here’s something else entirely to throw into the mix: you can sell off your specialist knowledge on eBay.
  3. The BIGGEST key to earning Giant return on investment from online auctions is to get shoppers to purchase many times from you. Sometimes you’ll want to create loss-leading solutions to try and force customers into your ‘funnel’. You will find some cutting-edge, essential methods to getting potential consumers to keep coming back for more.
  4. Unearth secrets to finding wholesale suppliers and building a relationship with your supplier so that you will get the finest possible offer (plus notification of new product lines)
  5. Industry secrets of getting solutions from Asia. Find out about everything you need to be familiar with regarding methods to source cheap, substantial return on investment goods from Asia… with 99% confidence that the solutions will show up in one piece, damage free, and on time.
  6. Unearth what you need to be informed on about online auction websites worldwide. For anyone who is at the moment selling via eBay USA or another solitary online auction site, are you aware that there’s a lot of other nation-specific online auction sites that could be better for you? Ebay UK, Trademe in New Zealand, Yahoo Auctions in Japan, simply to name just a few. Track down all about online auction sites everywhere to optimize your exposure and income.

And that’s not it. You will also read and learn how one can make use of the net’s most dynamic tools for automating crucial elements of your online business:

  1. Turbo Lister – you are going to discover on video a way to get the maximum use of eBay’s Free Turbo Lister application, to assist you to establish professional listings and upload a huge number of solutions in bulk.
  2. Selling Manager – uncover simple methods to apply this trendy tool for medium-volume suppliers to help you deal with and monitor your listings on eBay.
  3. Tradeshows – information rather hard to locate anywhere else. Makes it simple to learn how you can locate tradeshows, the best way to wrangle an entry ticket, a list of what you ought to bring when you attend, and what time to attend to make the best deals
  4. Customs Secrets: techniques to reduce your importing duty to almost $0. What items attract most attention and duties at Customs, country-specific advice for customs.
  5. Secrets to Ink Frog: In-depth step-by-step video showing you ways to take advantage of Ink Frog listing tool to scale up your internet business to the next level
  6. Everything you should understand on the subject of eBay’s new service-fees and feedback rules. The things they mean to you personally, and methods to use them in your favor. You will not wish to miss this top-of-the line video.
  7. The most affordable approach to ship worldwide.
  8. Simple methods to have preferred shipping rates and get your solutions to be shipped and picked up from your dwelling.
  9. Tax breaks for eBay owners
  10. Sales tax explained: how you get a resale certificate, when you need to collect sales tax and tips to collect it automatically using eBay’s special tool.
  11. The 8 secrets and techniques of having Powerseller status without delay.

This content has introduced web auctions, with special emphasis on eBay auctions. Introducing a business online may possibly catapult your financial situation to unimaginable heights, though it may take time to get there. There are several choices for running an internet or home business, and the most impressive of these is an internet auction. You market solutions and products by getting bidders to place bids on them and the winning bid is the highest price that potential buyers are prepared to pay for a product or service.

eBay is the regular web auction site that allows traders to market different types of merchandise. It’s a great money-making resource for trading just anything you need to advertise on the net. But, are you harnessing it to its fullest potential?

Sad to say, because of limits on space, we cannot possibly include the complete details of the system unveiled here. But if you’re interested you can discover more about this system, which is highly recommended to all would-be and existing internet business starters, re-starters, and professionals, by clicking on this Sky-High eBay Auctions link.


You can also learn about setting up, restarting, fixing, managing, or optimising your online small-business by visiting this home, digital marketing, or e-commerce business opportunities site.

You’ve got a bright future ahead of you. Yes, a bright future is waiting for you!

However helpless your circumstances are, a bright future awaits you. It doesn’t matter how troubled you are usually, bliss stands on your path. It doesn’t matter how frightened you are, valor awaits you. It doesn’t matter how demoralised you may be, self-assurance awaits you.

Regardless how much you cry, laughter is on the way. Regardless of how exasperated you’re, tranquility is coming to your spirit. Yes, you actually have a bright future before you!

Dr A A Agbormbai has been establishing his work from home business since 2006 and has an array of achievements and experiences in this particular area. His articles bring his insights to you to help you succeed internet.

Formerly, Dr Agbormbai was a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems and Information Technology at a private university college in London. He has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Imperial College London, specialising in Spacecraft Aerodynamics. He’s also worked as a Research Fellow in Fluid Dynamics.

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