Is It Worth Getting A New Car At Government Car Auctions?

When it is time to get a new car everyone’s first choice is Mile of Cars. This is a main strip in your town of new and used cars. People using this method no they can’t afford to pay out of pocket and will have to borrow from a bank. Dealerships mark up the prices on their inventory so they can make money. Just letting you know you have another choice. There are organizations in your neighborhood that sell cars at affordable costs. These places are referred to as Government Car Auctions. You can go in with a set budget and walk out with a decent car.

Government agencies have contracts with dealership for the cars they use. At the end of the contract they have to sell the vehicles. They do this through government auctions. A majority of the cars are below 40,000 miles. Due to the abundance of these cars you can get cars well under blue book value, usually between 10 to 50 percent below actual value.  

Criminals around town are always donating to your local law enforcement. These donations are well known around the area as illegal contraband. The ability to sell these cars for a chunk of money allows the city to haul in extra money to supplement funds. This is achieved through an auction. At these auctions cars are pretty inexpensive so you can get one good deal. All cars sold are checked out and are cleared for sale so no need to worry about possibly getting a clunker.

Unlike some dealerships you will always be given a clean bill of health for your purchase. If not you may obtain a report on your own through CARFAX allowing you to decide if there is anything wrong prior to purchase. These reports can be used in your final determination on purchasing the car or not. This can be accomplished prior to the period of viewing bidding on the cars. This way it can make a car look more suitable to you.

You may wish to visit a few government car auctions before you start bidding on cars.  It’s important that you find a car that you are going to be comfortable with rather than simply buying any model. Once you find a vehicle which is going to work well with your needs and will be an outstanding model, you can bid on the vehicle in the hopes of completing the sale. If you are able to win the highest bid, you can finalize the purchase of this car and soon have a new vehicle which you can rely on for all of your travel needs!

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