Setting up Auctions That End as Soon as they Start

How to make cash with Online Auctions

In internet marketing, individuals come in with sites they are passionate about, but they haven’t done their due diligence with their site’s topic selection or with keyword research. That’s when you have to explain to them that the second word in the industry they just chose to enter into is “Marketing”.

Paying attention before hand to what product, topic, or keywords already have a buying market is very important. It’s more important than one might think. Here’s a great business example for you to get my point across. After reading my example you’ll see the logic behind perfect ebay product selection.

Example: Location is a Yankees baseball game. You can either open the hotdog stand and sell dogs to the masses or you can open a sushi bar. If you open the sushi bar at the game you have to educate the market. You have to convince them that this new product is what they want. You’ll have to persuade them to try it. With your sushi bar “passion” business, you could very easily run out of money just trying to push free fish down their unwilling throats. And after a few moments of this you start to realize the point of my example.

My point is you should see what they are already lining up for. Then choose where you want to enter the market.

With Ebay it is easy to see what your customers are searching for. You can also see the most popular ebay items searched or bought in the past. To see this information Ebay has provided it for you at

The completed auctions link on the site can also be used for a peep at item popularity, but is best used as a method of seeing what price the customers are willing to pay. This price range can vary for reasons like condition of item, the addition of accessories, or free shipping to name a few.

Choose wisely when making this choice, but don’t let product selection be the thing that stops all of your forward momentum. Let’s face it, this comment is directed at our largest obsticle. The minute you allow anything to stop you from moving forward toward your goal, your business dies. So today either learn something new, take a forward step, or both.

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