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Search engine optimization tends to be a magical term that very few people grasp yet is astonishingly easy to do. SEO firms rely on this lack of understanding concerning search engine optimisation to charge skyhigh charges (I’ve seen several businesses demand $500 or even more for some key phrase and competition evaluation that will take 3 or 4 hours).

I’m about to let the cat out of the bag here and provide you with the big solution to SEO. Essentially search engine optimization is dependant on doing the right market research, getting more one way links than your competitors and consistently acquiring those one way links. Sure, there are some other factors involved, but adhere to those two items of advice and you’ll be number 1 everytime! To help you on your SEO mission I have provided probably the most valuable resources an search engine optimization analyst should have in their collection.

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* SEO Quake – No cost

This free application can be down loaded being a Firefox add-on and gives you all of the important data about a web page once you visit it or do a Google search. The info is extremely appropriate since it lets you know the number of back links the site and page has, the number of webpages are listed in various search engines, what the Alexa and Compete ranks are and of course the Pr. This data can provide you with a fast overview on exactly how much authority the site might have, naturally if it has got lots of inbound links then it would be difficult to outrank, and if it has a lot of web pages listed in Bing then this web site could have a fantastic authority to them.

* SEO Elite – $167

While SEO Quake can offer an approximate and prepared examination of rival web sites, SEO Elite can dive in to all the information and give you some extremely appropriate info. My personal favourite function is being able to check the inbound links of a rival and not only discover how many they have got but additionally what search phrases they are utilizing in the anchor text and whether the website link is a dofollow or nofollow. SEO Elite boasts all kinds of other fantastic capabilities for undertaking advanced evaluation and it is an search engine marketing tool worthy of buying.

* Niche Finder

This is an search engine optimisation tool via Jonathan Leger who has developed a number of highly helpful search engine optimization programs in the past. As I pointed out earlier, keyword investigation is essential to search engine optimization and this software enables you to dig through numerous niches to obtain the ones with the minimum opposition and ones that one could rule. It employs a combination of search amounts and competition volumes to identify the markets and keywords where you can have a possibility of being ranked in the top 10.

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